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Series of Articles

Joanne Engelhardt's Articles About Her Husband, Ray Doherty

Lon Simmons Voted Into the Hall of Fame

Barney Nugent Announces His Retirement From the Giants



Long-time camper Ray Doherty, passed away on April 20th, 2007 at the age of 71 after a short bout with cancer.  When this devoted Giants fan turned 65, his wife Joanne Englehardt surprised him by giving him a trip to the Giants Fantasy Camp. He was actually both terribly excited and terribly scared when he got to camp that week. However, it turned out to be so special that he ended up going back to Fantasy Camp every year for the next five years.  He even took son Bill with him one year.  Below are three articles Joanne wrote for a web site called The Columnists:

How to Create a Monster Without Really Trying - (2004) - Ray's first trip to camp

My Wonderful Ray - (7/16/07)

Ray Doherty - In Celebration of His Life - (8/20/07)



Several of you have pointed out a column by Joan Ryan which recently ran in the San Francisco Chronicle.  The article is actually a follow-up to a column she wrote last May.  In both articles (which I have linked below), Joan talks about why Lon Simmons belongs in the Hall of Fame and why Lon himself is uncomfortable with the idea.  At the end of the second column, Joan gives you a way to voice your opinion to the Hall of Fame.  Read the stories by clicking on the links below:

Sorry Lon - (5/28/03)

He Gave a Voice to Baseball - (11/2/03)

Update of 2/28/04 :  It worked!  Lon Simmons will be joining this year's class in the Hall of Fame after winning the 2004 Ford C. Frick award.  Along with Dennis Eckersley, Paul Molitor, and writer Murray Chass, Simmons was voted in for his achievements within the game.  Read the whole story at:

Simmons Was Voice of Summer for Bay Area Fans - (2/27/04)

You can tell him hello -- Simmons to Hall of Fame Longtime voice of Giants, A's honored (2/27/04)


Our good friend and fantasy camp trainer, Barney Nugent, announced his retirement from major league baseball at the end of the 2003 season.  Barney has been working while battling an illness that has sapped much of his strength.  He and his wife Denise spoke about retiring at the beginning of this season and decided 2003 would be his last.  Send Barney a congratulations note at barneynuge@aol.com.

Read all about Barney's last days with the Giants at:

San Francisco Giants News - Barney Nugent Retires - (10/15/03)