NOTE : The following notice is by invitation only for former A's fantasy campers, former Giants fantasy campers, and select others who have played with the WCFBA in the past. If you did not receive this notice directly from Rob Weber (, but still feel you qualify to join us, send an email to Rob with your qualifications.

2013 West Coast Fantasy Baseball Association League Announcement

Hi all -

The West Coast Fantasy Baseball Association (WCFBA) returns for its 13th season of league play in 2013. The league is operated solely by former fantasy campers and carries no affiliation with the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's or either of their fantasy camps. League play begins in March and continues into October. League games are played throughout the Bay Area with stops in San Francisco, the Peninsula, the South Bay, the East Bay, and the North Bay.

At this time, we are looking for full and part-time (pool) players to join us for the coming season. Full-time players will be entered into a player draft in early March while part-timers will participate as pool players on the weeks when they are available.

Team Structure :

All players who sign up, whether they be A’s or Giants, will be combined into one league draft. For league play, the concept of A's teams and Giants teams does not exist. Pool players will be assigned to the most appropriate team on a given week based upon their talent level and the needs of those teams playing.

General Structure:


Six teams of twelve players each

15 game schedule for each team stretching from March into October

All games are played on Sundays with the exception of our league weekend in Napa

No games are scheduled during tournament weekends (Palm Desert, San Diego, and Lodi)

No games are scheduled during most holiday weekends

Wood bats are mandatory for all players except those 60 and over and any ladies; Bats will be furnished to each team, but players are free to bring their own

No pitcher may pitch more than six innings in any one game


Full Season Player – Full-timers will pay a non-refundable $220 upfront. Your name will be placed in the player draft and you will be guaranteed a roster spot on one of the teams for the 2013 season. If you are planning to play at least ten of the fifteen scheduled games, we suggest you sign up as a full-time player.

Pool Player - Part-timers will pay $20 per game payable at game time. A pool player should respond to the weekly email soliciting extra players for that week’s games. The pool coordinator will work with the team coaches to fill their openings that week with those that have signed up to pool play. There is no guarantee a spot will be available, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Full-timers who wish to act as pool players in games their regular team is NOT playing in will only receive a roster spot if there are not enough part-time pool players available. If selected as a pool player, full-timers will pay $10 per game.

Pre-Season Draft:

Prior to the start of the season, those who have signed up to be full-time players will be entered into a player draft (likely the weekend of March 9 and 10). Team rosters will be announced after the draft so that teams can prepare for their first games. The 2013 schedule will begin on Sunday, March 17th. At the end of the season, teams are disbanded and redrafted the following season.

NOTE - We WILL NOT accommodate requests for players to be placed with specific friends on the same team. We do not want the league to be comprised of cliques and feel everyone should enjoy the experience of playing with different people each season. Minor exceptions will be made with respect to families, carpools, etc., but please understand our goal.

The Pool:

Those of you who cannot join us a regular basis are welcome to join the player pool. An individual will be designated as the Pool Coordinator for the league. This individual will advertise each week’s scheduled games via email requesting available pool players to sign up. Any part-time player who is interested in playing in any of that Sunday’s games should email the Pool Coordinator to let them know by Thursday at noon. The Pool Coordinator will work with the team managers to determine the needs of each team every week and assign the most appropriate pool players to the teams that need them. Rosters will be filled and announced on Thursday afternoons.

Part-timers should make sure we have your current email address so you can start receiving the invites in March. Make sure your spam filter allows email from the Pool Coordinator to flow through

Playing Rules:

These will be covered in detail later, but in order to make our games a safe and enjoyable experience, we have made some modifications to the standard baseball rules. We WILL play the game of baseball except for some changes which will reduce the potential for injuries and provide a competitive environment for all players. No new inning will start after two hours and 45 minutes.

What to do Next:

FULL-TIMERS have three things to do by Monday, March 4th:

1) If you have NOT already done so in a prior season, fill out the player waiver form. A blank form is attached or it can be found on the league web site at:

Download the League Liability Form (Adobe PDF) Coast Fantasy Baseball Association Liability Form.pdf

2) If you have NOT already done so in a prior season or if you have had recent life changes, fill out the player emergency medical contact form. This is optional, but strongly encouraged so we can help contact the right people in the event of an emergency. A blank form is attached or it can be found on the league web site at:

Download the Emergency Contact Form (Adobe PDF) Contact.pdf

3) Send a check for $220 (made out to West Coast Fantasy Baseball Association) along with your pertinent contact info (including your player waiver form and your emergency medical contact form) to:

West Coast Fantasy Baseball Association

c/o Mark Gemello

2605 Briarwood Drive

San Jose, CA 95125

PART-TIMERS (Pool players) have nothing to do right now. Wait for the emails calling for pool players about five days before each play weekend and if you can play, respond back as soon as possible. We'll do our best to get you in.

If you have any questions, email me back at Last year's league web site can be found at

Thanks and hope to see you all in March,

Rob Weber