Lodi Tournament Photos
(various years)

Fuzz and Michael Simon carry a wayward corn dog across the finish line while Don Hahn captures the action (2004)

Harry Wade, Dave Chilcote, and Mike Shaffer illustrate what Bob Daniels truck looks like from behind (2004)

Chilcote, Shaffer, and Steve Bennett show their handiwork after redecorating the Danielsmobile with Giants colors (2004)

The Melodians featuring Steve Bennett and Scott Lueders (2004)

The Melodians featuring Steve Bennett and Scott Lueders (2004)

Rolly Hofstedt, John Metras, and Doc Nye of the Melodians (2004)

Ray Miailovich on the drums for the Melodians (2004)

The Melodians in mid-tune (2004)

Tom Sanfilippo calls for the first dance with our host, Rich Thomas (2004)

Grandma Jeanette and Grandpa Rich with their grandson Carter (2004)

Rich and Jeanette on the dance floor (2004)

Rich with the "Corn Dog Queen", Shirley (2004)

Greg "Julio Iglesias" Terra entertains anyone who will listen while Sanfilippo interprets (2004)

Terra refills with more liquid courage while Sanfilippo announces the next song (2004)

Ladies softball players in Lodi (2005)

Rich Thomas presides over the ladies' softball game (2006)

Sil Krevocheza and Terry Lee front "The Bullpen" (2007)

Sil, Jane, and Sam Krevocheza of "The Bullpen" (2007)

Sil Krevocheza and Terry Lee of "The Bullpen" (2007)

Backup singers Bill Wineberg, Rich Thomas, and Rob Weber (2007)

The Melodians circa 2007

Rich and Jeannette Thomas dance in front of the Melodians (2007)

Rich Thomas and Bill Bernier presiding over the Lodi Giants (2010)

The Lodi Giants team photo (2010)

Ladies Softball (2012)

Corn dog races (2013)

Corn dog races (2013)

Ketchup and Mustard (2013)

Dodgers in Lodi (2013)